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Jericho Partners: I work with another great leadership coach, Stephen Wilson, to coach leaders and leadership teams to increase their performance, resilience and flexibility.

Links to Coaching & Mentoring Resources

  • Mind Tools: Provides a wide range of well written tools, farmeworks, process and models to help you in your career. Whilst there is subscription-based members only area with extra resoucres, there is a generous selection of free resources. Highly recommended!
  • Life Coach Directory: A directory of life coaches, all of whom are registered with a recognised professional body and/or have relevant qualifications and insurance cover.
  • The Coaching and Mentoring Network: News about developments in coaching and mentoring; coach and mentor listings, coaching resources
  • Mentors Peer Resources: An extensive Canadian site containing a wide range of coaching and mentoring resources, articles, links and directories.
  • The Brightside Trust: is one of the leading educational e-mentoring providers in the UK. It is a charity working in the area of widening participation whose aim is to provide under-privileged children with the confidence and skills they need to overcome social disadvantage enabling them to reach their potential.
  • The European Mentoring & Coaching Council: Exists to promote good practice and the expectation of good practice in mentoring and coaching across Europe..
  • CoachU: A large US coach training organisation with global reach - provides a range of free resources.
  • BritishAssociation for Counselling and Psychotherapy: Information on Counselling and Psychotherapy, and listing of counsellors and therapists.

Other Links

  • Magazines
    • Resurgence: A monthly "international forum for ecological and spiritual thinking".
    • The Ecologist: Under the slogan "Rethinking basic assumptions" this excellent monthly magazine campaigns for a fairer, more sane world.
    • Fast Company: New ways of doing business, new ideas, new technology
  • DVDs
    • Werner Erhard: The real story behind est with never before seen footage of actual est seminars & uncut interviews with Werner Erhard talking about his ideas.
  • Ecopsychology
    • Green and Away: A unique outdoor conference centre.
    • Feed someone for a day at no cost to you in about 5 seconds: This link takes you to the Hunger Site at the UN. All you do is click a button and somewhere in the world a hungry person gets a meal to eat, at no cost to you. The food is paid for by corporate sponsors (who gain advertising in the process because you see their logo).
    • Earth Jurisprudence: is a newly emerging field of law based on a recognition of and respect for the rights of nature. It is related to many current fields of law, including environmental law, animal rights law, rights of indigenous people, and jurisprudence. The distinctive features of Earth Jurisprudence are that it looks at law from the standpoint of the health of ecosystems and the role humans play as an integral, interdependent member of a single, comprehensive Earth community
    • Wild Life Trackers: A game to help kids reconnect with the natural world: The game has three main aims: 1) We believe that children have to a large extent lost the connect with nature that they used to have and this game has the aim of improving general basic knowledge of common creatures in the UK through reconnecting kids with nature. 2) To use technology to reduce the amount of screen time kids get by encouraging them outdoors 3) To give parents, schools and other organisations an easy to access, free tool that makes it easy and fun for them to support kids in connecting with nature.
  • Social Change
  • Responsible Business and Sustainability
    • RiverSimple: The purpose of RiverSimple is to move people sustainably. We will pursue our purpose by working systematically towards the elimination of the environmental impact of personal mobility. Our vision is of a future where our relationship with the car and with fossil fuels has changed dramatically, with new solutions in place for sustainable and responsible mobility. Our first project, an urban two-seater car, will be unveiled in early 2009. Powered by hydrogen fuel cells and made from carbon composites, it has been designed to achieve over 250 mpg (equivalent).
    • The Natural Step: The Natural step uses science based tools to provide organisations with a logical structure for the envisioning, organisation and assessment of sustainability initiatives within businesses and communities.
  • Psychosynthesis: Psychosynthesis deserves to be much better know. It is an approach to human development where the focus is to achieve a synthesis, a coming together, of the various parts of an individual's personality into a more cohesive self. It has had a profound impact on the human potential movement and its models and philosophy find ready application in coaching and mentoring. Indeed, the mentoring model presented on this site is derived from a Psychosynthesis right relations model.
    • The Institute of Psychosynthesis: was founded 1973 by Joan and Roger Evans under the personal guidance and sponsorship of Roberto Assagioli to develop the principles and practice of Psychosynthesis in the UK. I trained there 20 years ago and what I learned there is a continuing inspiration in my life and in my work.
    • Psychosynthesis: A site provided as a service to the Psychosynthesis community.
    • Association for the Advancement of Psychosynthesis: a professional organizationdedicated to the dissemination of the ideas and spirit of psychosynthesis throughout the world.
    • Will Parfitt: Psychosynthesis and Kabbalah courses and resources.
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