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Coaching Supervision
The Supervisory System

I work with coaches individually and in groups to support them in being the best coaches they can be. We focus on:

  • ensuring that the coach is developing effective working relationships with their coachees
  • facilitating the personal and professional development of the coach
  • developing coaching competencies
  • ensuring that the coach's work and approach is aligned with the needs of the coachee and of the client organisation
  • helping coaches make the personal shifts that will enable them to help their coachees make the shifts they need to make.
Supervision can also support other professionals including mentors, consultants, advisors and trainers.

Coaching Supervision can be delivered in 2 ways:

  • Group Coaching Supervision: typically delivered as a half-day session for around six to twelve coaches, the particular benefit of Group Coaching Supervision is the insights participants get from considering not only their own coaching work but also learning from the different styles and clients of other coaches.
  • One-to-One Coaching Supervision: typically delivered as a one hour session face to face or by phone and focusing in depth on the coach's client work.

Coaching Supervision enables coaches to deliver effective change by supporting them in:

  • developing new choices when "stuck" in their work
  • exploring ethical dilemmas in a safe and confidential environment
  • balancing their responsibilities both to the organization and to their individual clients
  • learning new skills and approaches
  • acquiring new models and frameworks to guide their coaching
  • understanding the culture or ecology of organisations in which they operate
  • knowing how to work effectively within an organizational setting
  • controlling the flow of information, particularly 'double bind' information
  • seeing the coaching within the context of the wider organisational needs.

Most of my work with individual coaches is delivered face to face in my office in Great Malvern or over the phone/skype. The cost for a self-employed coach for a one hour session is £200 plus VAT. Charges for supervision delivered elsewhere depends on the location. Charges for group work depend on the types of organsiation and the location.

The frequency of the supervision sessions will depend on the volume of coaching work being undertaken, the experience of the coach, and the nature of their work environment. (The CIPD recommends that coaches should receive supervision at least once every 2 months or one hour for every 35 hours of coaching,)

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