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Executive Coaching

I work with executives in the private, public and not-for-dividend sectors to help them deliver the results demanded by their role now, and to develop the capabilities necessary to step up to their next role.

Executive Coaching is thus a specialist form of management development and education. It is particularly suited to senior executives who have risen above the scope of formal management development programmes and require highly focused development and support tailored to the particular challenges facing them in their business.

Executive Coaching
What does Executive Coaching Involve?

Executive Coaching stimulates and manages the individual growth necessary to deliver business performance beyond present levels and beliefs of what is possible by helping executives:

  • build a solid personal foundation and self-confidence
  • develop their personal vision and uncover their value priorities
  • think strategically and develop the complexity of their thinking
  • determine appropriate goals, strategies, tactics and action plans
  • enhance their management and leadership skills
  • identify their personal winning strategies
  • uncover self-sabotage, recognise repeating patterns and introduce change to interrupt habitual responses
  • elicit high commitment to personal change and development.

Being coached can therefore be a challenging and stretching experience, inviting executives to draw on and develop hidden personal resources and qualities. And it can be an exciting, stimulating journey of self-discovery and development which opens up new opportunities for professional fulfillment and achievement.

It can help executives discover the unique contribution that their particular blend of characetr, personal history, skills, personality and spirit enables them to make to their current and future organisations, their community, and the wider society.

What are the Benefits of Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching Programmes are designed to:

  • improve business performance by creating personal stretch goals in line with corporate objectives
  • support and accelerate personal and professional change
  • help manage the downside risk of change and maintain performance during periods of rapid change
  • remove obstacles to successful change by predicting and managing personal regression
  • promote balance and provide a stable base during periods of major organisational and career change
  • support executives in making the transition to new roles and cultures
  • create a positive climate for change.
How does Executive Coaching differ from Leadership Coaching?

In Executive Coaching, the focus is on increasing the effectiveness, impact and success of the individual executive, helping them improve their individual performance and management effectiveness.

In Leadership Coaching the focus is on the executive as an agent of organisational change and focuses on the network of relationships the executive leads through.

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