Dr Mike Munro Turner (aka Mike the Mentor)

I have been coaching for over 20 years - helping people develop their capacity for leadership and achieve increased levels of performance, effectiveness and fulfillment. I also work with coaches and mentors as a supervisor to help them ensure the quality of their work and to support them in their professional development.

For many years I was on the faculty of The School of Coaching where I trained coaches and managers in coaching skills, and was an associate with The Centre for Creative Leadership where I worked on their leadership development programmes. I have also been an academic, a software developer, a management consultant with the PA Consulting Group, and a psychotherapist. I was a trustee of the charity Green and Away which creates convivial environments that transform people.

I love walking on the Malvern Hills, have recently discovered a love of singing, and am fortunate to live a few minutes walk from The Morgan which serves the Wye Valley's Butty Bach beer!

Coaching Approach

I bring a deep understanding of individual change and releasing leadership potential to my coaching practice. This approach is positive and solution focused, helping leaders and teams be successful now and build the skills and capacities to be more successful in future. I facilitate personal and professional growth, improving current performance and the ability to manage change. I challenge clients to develop greater self-awareness and accountability, improve their communication impact, work with complexity and ambiguity, take a systemic perspective, and build more productive working relationships. I leave my clients with an improved ability to learn from their experience.

Some Current/Recent Clients

I have coached and mentored board directors, executives and professional staff across a range of industry sectors, nationalities and cultures. My clients have included Lloyds TSB, the NHS, PwC, HSBC, Siemens, Oxfam, RBS, Cisco, BT, M&S Bank, Roche Products, Octavia Housing Trust, Symbian, Serco, Oracle, Royal Town Planning Institute, Department of Health, and Deutsche Bank.

Professional Qualifications and Affiliations

I am accredited both as an Executive Coach and as a Coaching Supervisor by the Association for Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision (APECS). I am a Fellow of the RSA. I have a Certificate of Professional Development in Executive Coaching, a Certificate in Coaching Supervision, and a Diploma in Psychosynthesis Counseling. I am an Honorary Lecturer with the Centre for Forensic and Criminological Psychology at the University of Birmingham. I have also undergone rigorous selection procedures to be on coaching lists with HSBC, the NHS Institute, and the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education.

I have a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering, a Masters degree in Systems Engineering and a Doctorate awarded for research into Artificial Intelligence. I am certified to use a variety of psychometric and other instruments including: Leadership Development Framework, Cultural Transformation Tools, Myers Briggs Type Inventory, Firo-B (Interpersonal Needs), Californian Psychological Inventory, Conflict Dynamics Profile, Matrix 360 (Negotiation), and Benchmarks 360.

What My Clients Say About Working With Me

"I found this coaching invaluable in developing my role and organisational effectiveness. The coaching was a very relaxed affair that put me at ease and got me to discuss issues that needed addressing in a non-judgmental and supportive way. I brought some issues to discuss and resolve but also found along the way there were issues I needed to sort out that I had not thought about. It has certainly changed the way I see and carry out my role and I know I am more effective now than I was prior to this."

Dr Dan De Rosa, Chair of the Governing Body, Wolverhampton City Clinical Commissioning Group

"I've been impressed with the depth of Mike's coaching expertise, which is extensive and cuts across different industry sectors. If you want an alchemical "change experience" which stretches you, I'd strongly recommend him."

Neil Savage, Director of Workforce & OD, Birmingham Women's Hospital

"Mike has helped me to be much more effective in my work. He encouraged me to see my actions and thoughts more clearly and as a result I'm bolder and more self-sufficient, and I have more control and focus. I feel completely myself, which makes speeches and media work easier and which means I'm more determined, robust and clear as a communicator."

Jenny Jones, Assembly Member, Greater London Authority

"I think it was a very fortunate choice to bring Mike Munro Turner and myself together because we had the right chemistry from the very first moment and in fact Mike immediately identified the topics that needed my attention to develop. The coaching resulted in a strong improvement of my leadership skills and my awareness of my level of development as a leader, including the guidance to a higher level of leadership. Coming from a specialist background (lawyer) the coaching was a real break through in adding leadership skills in a situation of pressure (building up a global team of experts). I want to highlight Mike's ability to help people develop from one leadership mindset to an expanded set of mindsets based on an broadened set of leadership styles. The work with Mike proved to be a very reliable, encouraging and empowering source of support in challenging times of transformation in my own leadership. I can recommend Mike without any reservation."

Frederik Pajunk, Director, Deutsche Bank

"What I got from Mike's coaching was a clear understanding of my career direction, where I wanted to go and how in a time of significant change. This included realisation of my unique selling points and the strengths I bring to a leadership role and the confidence and certainty to help me realise my next professional goal. Mike has a wide experience of coaching senior people from a range of backgrounds - this means that he provides a greater range of expertise and knows how best to use it. This is supported by a large knowledge and expertise around leadership and management models which he offers at appropriate times. Plus the coaching sessions are positive, often fun, experiences. I would use him again as my coach and would recommend him to others."

Rachel Flowers, Director of Public Health, London Borough of Newham

"As a result of Mike's coaching, I have a much clearer understanding of impact of my style on others (both colleagues and those I lead) and also recognition that I can chose to respond/behave differently (particularly in stressful situations). His style is measured and reflective he provides a calm space to enable me to reflect and analyse. He is also very knowledgeable in areas that are of use to me, such as behavioural and organisational psychology, and interpersonal dynamics. I have also changed career direction in the last year and Mike supported me through what was a significant period of change. I have now moved into a more senior leadership role which involves me both leading and building a new organisation, and Mike is working with me as I start on this journey of developing the new organisation and my new colleagues. Mike has extensive experience with working with senior leaders and he is highly professional and authentic."

Sarah Watson-Fisher, Managing Director, South West Local Education & Training Board

"Mike was my Executive Coach during a critical transition period in my career. His in depth knowledge of personal & professional development combined with a natural ability to grasp complex situations very quickly make him an ideal 'trusted advisor'."

Sean Fitzpatrick, Vice President Services Strategy and Innovation, Oracle

"Mike provided me with a great sounding board and someone to share ideas and issues with. He helped me with improving the work environment and productiveness at both board level and all around me. He provided some really effective, though really simple, ideas that worked incredibly well. Sometimes you need help from someone 'outside' and Mike was great at providing this with a fresh perspective. I would recommend him if you are looking for some help turning things around and gaining a better and more positive perspective."

Christine Haslam, Director of Compliance and Operational Risk, M&S Money

"The most important thing that Mike did for me was to provide me with a mirror to show me exactly how unfocused I was in my work. After the first session I had some very important rethinking to do about what my role in the green movement was and how I could better fulfil it. This led to me doing less, but doing it much better, and so achieving more. Seeing Mike regularly has encouraged me to take myself more seriously, because he takes me seriously, and to valuing my work more, which has led to others valuing my work more too. Friends and colleagues have noticed the difference and frequently tell me how envious they are!"

Molly Scott Cato, MEP, Green Economist, Professor of Strategy and Sustainability at Roehampton University

"Many thanks for your fantastic help over the last three years. It is often difficult when we reach a senior leadership position to find someone that you can confide in. You have been a true mentor to me, you have helped me process my thoughts, given me enormous inspiration, opened avenues both professionally and intellectually to me. I would really say that you have substantially changed my view of the world and assisted me with my life's journey. This has clearly helped me be a better leader of a large organization and enabled me to make much better decisions. Everyone should find a Mike in their life."

Tony Sedgwick, Pharma Development Director, Roche

"Thanks for the support/wise counsel in the last couple of months and for catching me when I fell."

Mabli Jones Director of Operations and Organisational Development, The Hurley Group

"I can thoroughly recommend Mike as a mentor for anyone interested in advancing their career in a senior position. Of particular benefit to me was the 'feed-forward' exercise that Mike conducted, which gave me unexpected insights into my situation and performance in the organisation. Mike provided great support in helping me identify appropriate strategies to improve my performance. "

Professor Mike Wilson, Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physical Science, The University of Leeds

"I have seen Mike for five sessions now. Firstly as part of the NHS Institutes programme for new directors, now as part of the Top Leader Programme. He provides a reassuring, calming and therapeutic space in which you can work through some of the paradoxes and tensions of a senior role. I have found his oversight and support very, very helpful."

Lee Outhwaite, Director of Finance & Information, Derby Hospitals

"I have been working with Mike as my Coaching Supervisor since 2007. He is absolutely invaluable to me in developing my capability and ensuring I deliver the best service to my coaching clients. I appreciate Mike's deep knowledge and experience, which means he is insightful in each of our supervision calls. This enables me to stretch my thinking and get to the heart of the matter on each and every occasion. I always find Mike professional, supportive and genuinely interested in me and the cases I present - this underpins our conversations and helps me focus absolutely on what's needed. Finally, he is flexible and responsive if I need a quick check-in, which I appreciate."

Rose Padfield, The Padfield Partnership

"Working with Mike as my supervisor delivers a wealth of learning: clarity of thought, overcoming blockages and creating new perspectives, wisdom and a guiding hand, greater awareness within client relationships, and nourishment for the soul. This relationship is integral to my professional practice and personal and spiritual outlook."

Steve Rawson, Director, Lettoch Associates

"Mike's support in finding me a new career direction has been invaluable. He has opened my eyes to opportunities for me to explore, which I would never have considered and has energised me in looking at new career pathways."

Marion Andrews-Evans, Head of Service Modernisation, Welsh Assembly Government

"When you think you are performing well, and genuinely believe you are keeping pace with the best of your peers, it is not an obvious time to elect for personal coaching. Working with Dr Mike Munro Turner really helped me gain deeper insight into achieving higher quality results, especially in those too-frequent times of peak workload. Definitely time well spent!"

Bill Stubbins, CIO Akzo Nobel


(Job titles are those held at the time of the coaching.)