What Mike the Mentor can do for you

I love helping people change their lives, and the lives of others, for the better. For the last 20 years I've been developing powerful approaches and techniques to do this. I've moved from helping people make straightforward behavioural changes (single-loop learning), through changing their beliefs and patterns of thinking (double-loop learning), to making fundamental changes in their world-views and sense of identity, and transmuting their unconscious defences into tools for change (triple-loop learning).

I now focus on this last area in my change advisor work, so if:

  • you have run up against the limits of the changes you can make on your own,
  • you want to change how you are, act and respond, but find that your habitual ways prevail,
  • you want to be less Ego-bound, and more able to manage your inner dynamics and to manifest your purpose and values,

and want help in doing so, then contact me.

When Change is Hard

Most of the people who ask me to work with them have already tried to change - their will to change is not the problem. What they have realised that making and sustaining change is not as easy as they had hoped.

The reason why significant change is often difficult is that we all - individuals, teams, organisations and societies - have interpsychic and intrapsychic processes which actively operate to keep us behaving in consistent and predictable ways - and to not change. To add to the challenge, we then hide these processes from ourselves so that we are unaware that they are operating! There are good evolutionary reasons for this, but in these fast-moving, complex times we need to change more quickly and dramatically than we have ever had to before, and so we have to be able to transcend these hidden dynamics.

(Find out more about some of these hidden processes: Conscious Leadership, Defences to Change, Covert Processes, and Shifting Stuck Behaviours.)

Make Change Easier

I can use my understanding of these dynamics to help you: