Leader Coaching

Helping you answer the question: "What is it that the world of tomorrow needs that I can uniquely offer?"

I work with leaders in the private, public and not-for-dividend sectors to help them create better futures for their organisations and for the wider society.

Since our most important leadership resource is our Self, this work starts with tuning this resource (Self Leadership) before working to make a positive difference to the wider system (System Leadership).

Phase I - Self Leadership

The initial phase of leadership coaching focuses on the individual leader and their self-leadership, helping them increase their individual performance and management effectiveness. It includes developing self- and other-awareness, and developing Intent, the capacity to express who we are and what is important to us through our actions. This phase has similarities to Executive Coaching but with a stronger emphasis on the use of Self.

Phase II - System Leadership

As the leader develops the core capacities for leadership of self, their interest increasingly turns to a broader notion of leadership, leadership of the system. The boundary between Internal and External shifts from the individual to the organisation to reflect the expanded sense of identity that system leadership requires. There is a corresponding broadening and deepening of the scope and range of activities in each of the four quadrants.

Coaching can help executives discover the unique contribution that their particular blend of character, personal history, skills, personality and spirit enables them to make to their current and future organisations, their community, and the wider society.

Leadership Resources

Next Steps

If you'd like to explore these ideas further or discuss working with me to improve your effectiveness as a leader then contact me. Information about working with me can be found here.