Transformation Coaching

Transformation Coaching supports people in making a fundamental shift in their worldview leading to profound changes in their thinking, feeling and acting. This is a shift of perception and consciousness that dramatically and permanently alters their way of being in the world. Transformation Coaching thus affects people's understanding of themselves, their relationships with other people and the wider world, the priorities they hold, and their sense of purpose and direction.

Transformation Coaching – The Journey

Transformation coaching - the four phases

Transformation coaching involves a journey into the unknown. Each time we make this deeply personal journey we have to leave a place of stability and familiarity, travel into unfamiliar territory where we encounter various tests and challenges, discover a precious treasure, and bring this treasure back to our familiar world. The treasure is lost parts of who we are and, in restoring these lost parts to our selves, we become more whole and move to a more encompassing worldview.

The journey consists of four phases:

  1. Consolidation

  2. Dissatisfaction

  3. Letting Go, and

  4. Synthesis.

These phases are described in more detail here.

Next Steps

Transformation Coaching is not for everyone. It usually involves reclaiming parts of ourselves that we have cut ourselves off from and constructed defences around. Finding a way past these unconscious defences can be uncomfortable and distressing. But if you have come to the point where you are ready to go on this journey then Transformation Coaching can be rewarding, stimulating and liberating.

If you'd like to explore these ideas further or discuss working with me to help you transform then contact me. Information about working with me can be found here.