Mistakes Values Programmes Make

The 7 classic mistakes that corporate values programmes make are:

  1. not knowing the existing values of the people in the organization, and hence the resources already available and the gaps that need to be closed

  2. not ensuring that individuals know their own values, as this is the only way they can commit to the organisation's value

  3. snot realising that it is value priorities, not just values, that drive decision making and behaviour

  4. not having a methodical way of identifying the value gaps that can render values programmes ineffective

  5. not understanding the close relationship between values and skills, and so failing to provide staff with the development necessary to embody the values

  6. not ensuring that senior leaders make the personal shifts necessary to be able to walk the talk of the espoused values

  7. not aligning values, culture, structures, processes and behaviours.

If you're embarking on a values programme in your organisation, then you need to measure your organisation’s values and those of the people in the organisation. Some of the values measurement tools I am familiar with include those offered by LJMap, Just Values DNA, Minessence, and the Barrett Values Centre.